Knowledge Access in Rural Interconnected Areas Network
Mashakel Wa Houloul


The MENA region undergoes chronic developmental issues and a common set of challenges. Rural areas specifically, suffer from food insecurity, chronic poverty, unemployment, poor agricultural sector performance, weak land and water governance policies, low resilience to climate change, political instability and unavailable or inequitable access to resources.
The rural populations are trying to enhance and secure their livelihoods under these harsh conditions. Community-based and self-mobilized initiatives have proven to be effective in developing poor communities. Because spreading awareness and calling for action play important roles in initiating a change, ‘Machakel wa Houloul’ aims at spreading awareness and encouraging people to take initiatives, seek and exchange solutions.

Mission and Vision

Mashakel wa Houloul highlights environmental, agricultural, economic, social and daily encountered problems that challenge the development of rural communities. It promotes awareness about the adoption of sustainable practices, the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the MENA and the important roles youth and women can play in rural areas.
Mashakel wa Houloul aims at promoting alternative ways of living by integrating scientific research on the challenges faced by rural communities and their solutions with an entertaining approach including illustrations, animated videos and ethnographic  to deliver our messages in an easy way targeting all people regardless of their educational level.
Mashakel wa Houloul seeks to collaborate with other initiatives that share the same values and orientations for the purpose of creating a common ground aimed at spreading awareness, promoting alternative ways of living and promoting initiatives and activist parties that could motivate and mobilize people to get involved in the development process instead of passively accepting situations.
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