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Knowledge Access for Rural Inter-connected Areas Network (KariaNet) is a regional network for the management and sharing of knowledge, information and experience in agriculture and rural development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This Network, inspired by ‘open access principles’, seeks to empower its members, through the use of ICT and non-ICT tools, to make knowledge available and timely accessible to the poor and vulnerable peasants, small scale farmers, development practitioners, government agencies, researchers, private sector, national and regional NGOs involved in rural development. KariaNet aims to link up the knowledge providers and knowledge brokers with knowledge seekers (two ways knowledge flow) through three thematic networks: a) knowledge management systems and practices in agriculture and rural development, b) food security, and c) rural enterprise development. KariaNet facilitates and supports demand driven capacity building activities, action research and networking activities across the MENA region. The Vision:

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World Humanitarian Day

November 19, 2015

August 19, 2008 was declared World Humanitarian Day by the General Assembly of the United Nations.A day to acknowledge  humanitarian personnel and

World Environment Day

June 05, 1972

The objective behind this day is to conserve the environmental wealth of the Earth.



The devolution refers to sustaining the legacy of the Regional Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing Network (KariaNet, www.karianet.org) by transferring managerial and financial responsibility to a regional host organization and therefore anchoring KariaNet in the region for the long term. The transition of Karianet leadership from IDRC to AUB-ESDU has indeed started and will last till December 2013 In October 2011, IDRC and IFAD commissioned a team of experts to study the different devolution scenarios and propose one or more scenarios which could enable KariaNet to build upon advances and strengthen programmatic leadership in a regionally-based organization.