Knowledge Access in Rural Interconnected Areas Network
Linking knowledge providers with knowledge seekers, we enhance the effectiveness of development projects.
Training Women Cooperatives on marketing strategies in Wadi El Sir, Amman, Jordan (2008)
Herd of local goats in jouroud Hermel

About Karianet

KariaNet was founded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in 2005 to enhance the effectiveness of development projects and programs that serve the rural poor. KariaNet I (2005-2008) worked with 10 IFAD funded projects in 5 countries and was managed jointly by IDRC and IFAD. The second phase KariaNet II (2010-2013) worked over the entire MENA countries and had as “main clients” the IFAD and IDRC funded projects in the region.
A third phase KariaNet III has been devolved to the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) of the American University of Beirut in February 2013 and is present in ten countries of the MENA.
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